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Viewing The Map of SaddleBrooke Ranch
Page First Uploaded to PoisonedWells Saturday, September 16, 2000

The Purpose of This Page

This page will guide you through the Robson website so you can view the map as well as the current address chosen by Robson.com for the SaddleBrooke Ranch page. 

Why Is Guidance Necessary? . . . . Why Not Just Link to Robson's map of SaddleBrooke Ranch on the Robson Website?

When the PoisonedWells site first made it's appearance on the web, it contained a link to the the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch on the Robson website. 

Robson personnel attempted to hide the map from PoisonedWells readers by moving the page o that contained the map.  Because Robson moved the map, PoisonedWells readers would frequently get a "page not found" error when they tried to link to the map from PoisonedWells.

While the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch was always visible from the Robson home page, Robson Communities expended quite a bit of time and effort moving the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch so as to hide that map from readers of PoisonedWells.

In keeping with the PoisonedWells policy of presenting facts regarding the Page-Trowbridge landfill, and to circumvent Robson Communities from attempts to hide the map from Poisoned Wells readers, a page to guide readers to the map was necessary.

Curious Addresses For The SaddleBrooke Map Page

Every page on the world wide web has a unique address, and this address is shown in the Address field of your browser window (this field is called the 'Location' field in Netscape browsers).  If you look near the top of your browser window you will see this field. The content of the field:


is the address of the page you are now reading. 

In order to hide the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch from PoisonedWells readers, Robson personnel had to change the address of the page showing the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch. 

While most of the addresses chosen for the SaddleBrooke Ranch page were normal, other addresses chosen by Robson Communities for the page were rather curious. 

My personal favorite so far is the address used on August 31, 2000 (emphasis supplied):


By September 14, 2000, Robson Communities had apparently taken enough interest in me to "discover" my work on the Vincent Foster matter (I have had a website providing information from the official record of the investigation into the Foster matter for several years now). 

Robson Communities 'discovery' of my work on the Foster matter surfaced as another curious address for the page containing the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch (emphasis supplied):


On September 15, 2000 Robson apparently thought the above address was a bit obscure and made the reference more overt by removing the "%20" characters and adding my name (this time with the correct spelling).  This effort produced the following address for the SaddleBrooke Ranch map page (emphasis supplied):


How Robson Communities Hid the Odd and Unprofessional Addresses From Their Readers 

While most folks that surf the internet don't usually pay attention to the addresses of the pages they call up, some do. 

This raises the question, "why would Robson Communities risk having people using their site see  odd and clearly unprofessional addresses for their page containing the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch . . . addresses such as:





The answer is, Robson constructed their website so that these odd and clearly unprofessional addresses were hidden from people reading the Robson website. 

Here's how this was done:

Robson.com uses a technique called "Framesets"  to display some of the pages on their website. The Framesets technique allows one or more web pages to be viewed simultaneously in a single browser window. 

When the Framesets technique is used, only the address of the page used to define the layout of the Frames is shown.  The address of the individual pages displayed in each frame are not shown in the address field of the browser -- in other words the addresses are hidden from the user.

The next page will demonstrate how Robson used the Frameset technique to hide the odd and unprofessional addresses they used for the page containing the map.  The next page will also give you a guide to allow you to see the map of SaddleBrooke Ranch as well as the current address chosen by Robson Communities for the map.

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